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AFT-Oregon Elects New Executive Council

Executive Vice President-elect Ted Cooper and President-elect Ariana Jacob
Executive Vice President-elect Ted Cooper and President-elect Ariana Jacob

Delegates to the AFT-Oregon's 69th Convention in Sunriver elected a new Executive Council on April 30, 2023. The delegates elected Ariana Jacob, PSUFA Co-Chair, to be the new president. The Executive Vice President will be Ted Cooper, GEU, and the Secretary will be Farallon Broughton, CGE President. The Treasurer will be Bill Harbaugh, UAUO Treasurer and the Vice President for Political Action will be Hollie Oakes-Miller of PCCFFAP. The delegates also elected ten Vice Presidents listed below. The new Executive Council's two-year term will begin on July 1, 2023.

Jacob and Cooper headed a slate of candidates calling themselves the Democracy Caucus, which won both of the contested elections for President and Treasurer. 

[Hear Jacob and Cooper on KBOO Radio]

The delegates also passed several amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws and several resolutions, which will be posted shortly. They also elected delegates to the AFT and Oregon AFL-CIO conventions. 

Election Results

AFT-Oregon Executive Council

  • President: Ariana Jacob, PSUFA Local 3571 (over incumbent Jaime Rodriguez and incumbent Executive Vice President Jeff Grider)
  • Executive Vice President: Ted Cooper, GEU Local 6666 (unopposed)
  • Treasurer: William (Bill) Harbaugh, UAUO Local 3209 (over incumbent Melody Hansen)
  • Secretary: Farallon Broughton, CGE Local 6069 (unopposed)
  • Vice President of Political Action: Hollie Oakes-Miller, PCCFFAP Local 2277  (unopposed)
  • Ten (10) Vice Presidents (all unopposed)
    • Emily Beatty, GTFF Local 3544

    • Shannon Burruss, SWOCCCF Local 3972

    • Madeline Frisk, PSU-AAUP Local 6802

    • Chloë Hughes (incumbent), WOUFT Local 2278

    • Errol Kaylor, GTFF Local 3544

    • Melanie Landon-Hayes, WOUFT Local 2278

    • Juanita Lognion (incumbent), PCCFCE Local 3922

    • John MacDuffee (incumbent), PFSP Local 111

    • Amy Ransom, PFSP Local 111

    • Felicity Ratway, CGE Local 6069

Delegate to the 2024 AFT National Convention

  • Laura Gattis, GTFF Local 3544 (over Laura Wadlin and Jeff Grider)

Delegate to the 2023 Oregon AFL-CIO Convention

  • Shannon Burruss, SWOCCCF Local 3972 (over Jeff Grider)

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